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Biomass Boiler Installations

Austin Kelso & Sons have obtained all the relevant Hetas H005 Qualifications, we are MCS approved installers for biomass and we are members of the RECC assurance scheme, as such we are able to install these products and assist you in accessing the RHI funding.

ARITERM is one of scandinavians leading manufacturers of biofuel heating systems, Development and manufacture are in Sweden and Finland, two countries with experience of a cold climate and of what to do about it. This guarantees that the equipment satisfies the nordic climate. Ariterm have a 100 year plus hertiage in boiler manufacturing unlike some of thier suprisingly more well known competitors.

ARITERM have authorised dealers who give competant advice to suitable and correctly dimensioned equipment. The network of competant installation dealers gaurantees that your investment is safe, economical and enviromentally suitable also for the future.

We made a trip to the ARITERM factory in south east Sweden and after gaining extensive knowledge and training on the product our company was the first company to be apointed as an official ARITERM dealer/installer for  CUMBRIA, we acheived this privledge in the early part of 2012.

We have all the ARITERM pellet stoves on display in our showroom one of which the EKERUM is under live fire, this stove is equipped with the Aarrow fan flue system which enables the stove to be flued directly through the outside wall without the need for a chimmney.

We also have an ARITERM  Biomatic 40+ wood pellet boiler on display in our showroom, this boiler heats an underfloor heating system in our wood burning stove showroom and it also heats our farm house. The Biomatic 40+ can be viewed under live fire together with the Ariterm Depo and Feedo wood pellet storage and transportation system.

The smaller Biomatic 20+ model is also available for viewing in our showroom together with a small 400 KG hand fill hopper. we also keep a selection of main stream parts in stock.

The Ariterm product is soundly engineered and from our point of view its main attraction is the quality and robustness of its contstruction, we know that this boiler is proven, replacement parts are much cheaper than those for the German or Austrian boilers and we wanted a fit and forget product that is going to give a trouble free service for the next 20 years.

We have recently completed the installation of two Ariterm Biomatic 40+ boilers at the Royal Hotel in Dockray, these boilers have replaced three LPG gas boilers, we have made major alterations to the pipe work circuits within the Hotel and the new boilers provide all the space heating and hot water requirements of the Hotel.

So far the boilers are  operating soundly, reliably and we are confident that if you speak Mr Tyrone Castles at the Hotel he will let you take alook  at our installation.

We decided to invest in the MCS accrediation process firstly because it was a natural expansion of the type of work that we have always done and secondly because we have also become dismayed by the number of so called renewable heating  experts who have sprung up from nowhere, they are all chasing the rich rewards that have been created by the RHI, many have no history in the installation or maintainance of boilers or heating systems of any description, the question you need to ask yourselves is are they giving you the correct advice and will they be arround in 10 years time to maintain your equipment.

We are proud of the fact that Austin Kelso and Sons have a hertage dating back to the early 1950's, we are time served heating engineers, we have been installing and maintaining boilers fired by all fuels for all of our working lives.

We will welcome your enquiries, please come and view our range and test our knowledge.





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