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rayburn 200sfw 212 216 black 239x250

Heatranger 212SFW

With more compact dimensions to suit a smaller kitchen, the Rayburn Heatranger 200 Series combines neatness with great cooking and heating ability.

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rayburn 200sfw 212 216 claret 239x250

Heatranger 216SFW

A compact model range that's at home in the individual, less fitted kitchen.

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rayburn 355sfw 345w blue 239wx250h

Heatranger 345W

The good news is that the government is offering a financial incentive for anyone buying a wood-fuelled boiler to provide their central heating.

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rayburn 355sfw 345w cream 239wx250h

Heatranger 355SFW

The Heatranger 300 is similar in size to the 200 Series but with a larger hotplate and increased depth to match standard 600mm kitchen units.

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rayburn 200sfw 212 216 aqua 239x250

Cooker 200SFW

The Cooker 200 SFW is small but perfectly formed.

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rayburn 300w blue 239wx250h

Cooker 300W

The 300W Cooker has been designed specifically to burn wood only and offers a larger, cooker-only option.

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